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William K. Coors

Fast approaching 102, Bill Coors is the last living member of the original Coors family with memories of his grandfather, Adolph Coors, who founded Coors Brewing Company in 1873.

With over 78 years of service with the company, Bill holds the honor of being the most tenured employee in the company’s history.

Bill left college after earning an advanced degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University in 1939, and started his career at Coors Pottery (now known as CoorsTek), where he personally manufactured ceramic insulators for a highly secretive government project during World War II.

Bill later learned these insulators were a key technology used in ending the war, and was presented with the Energy Secretary’s Appreciation Award in 2016.

Bill subsequently grew Coors Brewing Company from a small regional brewery to national distribution.

With all his accomplishments, he feels his greatest contribution to society was from his innovative development of the two-piece aluminum beverage can, along with the “cash for cans” program, which effectively inspired the global recycling movement.

In this film, Bill gifts us his life lessons for personal success based on what he’s called the 11th commandment: Honor Thyself.

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Bill - Varsity Rowing Team

Bill - Varsity Rowing Team

A short video presentation to Bill from the brewery