The Will To Live

Bill Coors

The Will to Live

A Film by Kerry David

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Bill Coors is known for being a titan of the brewing industry but what is less known is the heroic personal journey he undertook to discover a holistic answer to treat the depression and anxiety that had plagued his family for generations. 

Bill's journey is told parallel to several young internet influencers - although 100 years divides them - their stories are eerily similar as is their fierce 'Will to Live."


Bill Coors: The Will to Live


Bill Coors / Kerry David / Margo Hamilton

Kerry David

Bill Coors / Scott Coors

Kerry David

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The film will be Bill Coors' personal legacy.

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A Series of life lesson for today's youth

The only person in the world you cannot cheat, you cannot trick, you cannot deceive, you cannot lie to is yourself. So be yourself, do your thing, and you’ll get there.
— Bill Coors

Bill Coors: The Will to Live is a hundred year roadmap offering holistic solutions to reduce stress and anxiety while pursuing a successful life.

In 1981, Bill Coors, Captain of Industry and brewing titan, was asked to give a speech on the topic of "success" to the graduating students of the American Academy of Achievement.

His now iconic speech was groundbreaking at the time. It was a deeply personal account of how he had overcome debilitating stress and depression, which had plagued his family for generations. Despite suffering unimaginable personal tragedy, Bill sought out and found a holistic solution that enabled him to manage his anxiety effectively and empowred him to achieve great success.

In an inspirational documentary that spans 101 years, Bill Coors shares his personal struggles growing up in a house without love that left him insecure and self-hating for much of his early life.

The parallels between his experiences and what today's youth face are staggering. Bill wants to impart his life lessons for personal success and his work to overcome mental health issues to all generations to come.

Bill's solutions all boil down to one simple truth, which he calls The 11th Commandment: Honor Thyself.